Carbon Fiber Hood

Watercraft Factory Carbon Fiber Hood
Strong, Lightweight and Great Looking
Super Strong Handholds

*Lifetime Warrantee against Mfg. Defects

Stealth Series Freestyle Hood Kit

Rounded Handlepole Area for Added Room
Support Area for Shock Pad
Increased Air Flow
2 Handholds
Carbon Kevlar Handcups
New Lowered Nose Piece

Fiberglass RN Superjet Hood Kit

Fiberglass lowered hood and nose kit for RN superjet. Comes with handholds that are perfect for freestyle hood tricks.

Squarenose Top Deck and Conversion Kit
$895.00 - $1095.00*

Newly redesigned Watercraft Factory roundnose top deck with wider tray area, wider engine compartment, raised hood seal area and new styling line.

*Front Lip Mold & Gunwhale Template
*Only included in complete kit

Watercraft Factory Footholds

Rickter style footholds designed to secure your feet for those inverted aerial moves.

Watercraft Factory Sponsons

Sponsons are one of the most effective handling improvements for your standup. Yamaha has incorporated the sponson shape into the 2008+ Super Jet hull.

Black Gel Coat
Fiberglass Construction

Watercraft Factory Carbon Fiber Rideiplate

Replace your heavy rideplate with a strong, lightweight, and durable carbon fiber one.

Watercraft Factory SN Front Cover

Replacement nose piece for the sqaure nose superjet.

Watercraft Factory RRP Chin Pad

Watercraft Factory chin pad made to fit the RRP handle pole.

Watercraft Factory Carbon Fiber OEM Chin Pad

Upgrade your Yamaha OEM chinpad with a lighweight carbon fiber one that looks great.

Carbon Fiber B Pipe Mod Chamber

Made for Popular Factory B pipe
Cools Faster than Aluminum
Runs hotter for more horsepower

SBT 701/760 Rebuilt Crankshaft (no core required)

SBT's trued and welded crankshafts have a reputation for being the finest on the market. Crankshafts exceed the performance and durability of those produced by many specialty shops. SBT's crankshafts now also carry a one-year, fault-free warranty against failure of any kind.

Freestyle Cylinder Porting 701/760

Make your motor rip harder with better air flow. A Freestyle cylinder porting job will improve your low end performance drastically. Best horsepower gain for the price.

Big Bore 61x Cylinder Complete

61x cylinder ported, decked, and resleeved to a 85mm big bore. Great upgrade for those looking for that extra power to pull off freestyle tricks at ease without breaking the bank.

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